#How can I visit Lyon ?

By bike :
Lyon is a very pleasant city to visit by bike. Bicycle paths are provided throughout the city for the comfort of cyclists. The city of Lyon offers self-service bicycles (called Vélo'V) throughout the city. The first 30 minutes of renting a Vélo'V are free of charge. Thereafter, the next half hours are at 0.05 €/min, 0.10 €/min and 0.15 €/min respectively, with a maximum ceiling set at 35€ per rental.

On foot :
With sunny weather, visiting the city of Lyon on foot is very pleasant. The city remains modest, so it is quite feasible. And a bit of sport never hurts.

By public transport :
The city of Lyon is very well served by public transport: tramway, metro, bus and funicular. They remain clean, pleasant to take and almost always on time. Visiting Lyon by public transport remains a very good practical and economical option.

On vaporetto :
It's my favourite transport in Lyon! The vaporetto is a boat-bus to the Confluence shopping center. It serves four stops along the quays of the Saône. For the modest sum of 2€ per person, take advantage of a 40-minute crossing to visit Lyon by boat.

By car :
Visiting Lyon by car is still an option and gives you more freedom. However, I advise you to avoid rush hours. Lyon remains a big city, and like all big cities during rush hour there are heavy traffic jams.



#What to visit in Lyon ?

Rain or shine, you'll never be bored in Lyon. Between historical monuments, museums, parks, shopping streets, in Lyon there is something for everyone. I speak from experience, I lived 4 years in Lyon. So here are my top places to visit and activities to do in Lyon.


The park de la tête d'Or :

The Parc de la tête d'Or is without a doubt my favourite place in Lyon! It is the green lung of the city! A godsend for the people of Lyon: 117 hectares of nature accessible free of charge from morning to night. This park is full of surprises: a lake, a zoo, a velodrome, a rose garden, a botanical garden, greenhouses and all kinds of activities (pedal boats, children's games, ...). Don't miss out on your visit to the capital of gastronomy.


Le parc de la tête d'or à Lyon       

Lac parc de la têt d'or



The Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière :

Another unmissable place to visit in Lyon: Notre Dame de Fourvière Basilica and its district. Overlooking the city of Lyon, the Basilica promises you an incredible view of Lyon and its region. With a bit of luck, you can even see the Mont Blanc.

To make the most of this area, I invite you to take the funicular in the Fourvière district in the 5ᵉ borough. Stop at the Basilica, visit it and then enjoy the magnificent view that is right next to the building. You can then stroll around the district and go down through the Rosary garden and you will land in the Vieux Lyon district.


La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière

Vue de la basilique de Fourvière



The miniature museum and cinema :

Still in the Vieux Lyon district, I strongly advise you to visit the museum of miniature and cinema. A museum dedicated to cinema and the art of miniature. For cinema lovers but not that, this museum is full of surprises. Moreover, the museum is located in a typical Lyon building.


Le musée miniature et cinéma

Le musée miniature et cinéma - le parfum



Vieux Lyon and its traboules :

The traboules are "secret" passages between courtyards of buildings that connect one street to another. Some of these passages are closed, but some remain open to the public. The Vieux Lyon district is the one with the most traboules. I strongly invite you to try this experience that will take you centuries back in time.

     Le quartier du Vieux Lyon



The quays of the Saône and the Rhône :

The city of Lyon is crossed by two rivers, the Saône and the Rhône. The quays of these two rivers are laid out for pedestrians and bicycles: cycle paths, restaurants on barges, children's games, etc. These quays are perfect for a sunny family walk.


Les quais de Saône et du Rhône

Les quais de Saône et du Rhône



Les bouchons lyonnais :

You can't leave Lyon without having eaten in a Lyon cork. It's not the capital of gastronomy for nothing. Between brains of canut, Lyon sausage, quenelles and delicious cheeses, I promise you will enjoy yourself! What's more, Lyon's corks are decorated in a typical way with tiled tablecloths, wooden furniture and brass pots. The simplicity, conviviality and authenticity of the corks give you a unique experience.


Bouchon lyonnais


Have you ever visited Lyon ? What is your favourite place ?

If you haven't visited Lyon yet, what place would you like to visit ?

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I'll see you soon for new adventures, in French of course ! 🇫🇷