I already told you in article 10 good reasons to learn French, but I'll tell you again: the French language is very useful and indispensable for travelling.

Along with English, French is the only language present on the 5 continents. So it's true that we don't always know where we speak French. It can sometimes be the official language or the second language of some countries and in others it will be spoken but in an unofficial way.

This is why I have concocted an article on the 25 most beautiful destinations where French is spoken.

💡 Useful information : This is not a ranking from the most beautiful to the least beautiful destination, as I have not yet visited all these destinations to rank them. It is just an informative list


#1 French Overseas Departments and Territories


 l’Île des Pins en Nouvelle-CalĂ©donie

(Photo of the Isle of Pines in New Caledonia by SĂ©bastien Jermer)

The French Overseas Departments and Territories are French overseas departments and territories outside the European continent. They are, for the most part, paradise islands with an incredible ecosystem. They are splendid destinations if you like white sandy beaches, turquoise water and if you want to order your cocktails in French.



#2 Aosta Valley


Photo de la VallĂ©e d’Aoste

(Photo of Aosta Valley, Pixabay)

Between France and Italy, the Aosta Valley has two official languages: Italian and French. Despite its small size, this region has a very important cultural richness and beautiful landscapes. If you are passionate about winter sports or country walks, the Aosta Valley is for you.



#3 Quebec


 Parc National de Jacques Cartier, Québec, Canada

(Photo of Jacques Cartier National Park, Quebec, Canada by Alice Triquet)

Why not visit our Quebec friends? Quebec is a region of Canada where French is spoken. So yes, they have a very pronounced accent and if you're not used to it, it's going to sound weird. But, you get used to it very quickly and there is always a way to understand each other.



#4 Laos


Photo d'architecture du Laos

(Architectural photo of Laos, Pixabay 

It's indeed still possible to find some inhabitants who speak French in Laos. Due to the colonial past of this country, it is still possible to find some remnants of the French language in the country of millions of elephants, including street names and a few elders who master the language of MoliĂšre.



#5 The Seychelles


Photo des Seychelles

(Photo of the Seychelles, Pixabay)

What a marvel! Doesn't it make you want to dive into this turquoise water? In the heart of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles archipelago consists of 115 islands with numerous beaches and coral reefs. Enough to delight sunbathing fans and diving enthusiasts. With more than half of the population speaking French, contacts with the inhabitants and amenities are in French.


#6 Madagascar


Photo d’un LĂ©mur catta de Madagascar

(Photo of a Madagascar Lemur catta, Pixabay)

Member of the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF), Madagascar has an incredible fauna and flora. Between majestic baobabs and more than fifty species of lemurs, this French-speaking island is full of surprises.



#7 Belgium


Photo de Bruges en Belgique

(Photo of Bruges, Belgium, by S. Hermann & F. Richter, Pixabay)

Otherwise known as the "flat country", Belgium has three official languages: German, Flemish and French. However, most Belgians speak French or have at least some knowledge of it. I live in Belgium, I don't speak a word of Flemish or German and I'm doing very well, because I always come across someone who speaks French. With its rich culture and green landscapes, Belgium is a breath of fresh air in the heart of Europe.



#8 The Maghreb


Photo d’une ville historique au Maroc

(Photo of a historical city in Morocco, by Walkersskr, Pixabay)

The Maghreb is composed of three African countries: Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. The French language has no official or national title in the Maghreb, but it is spoken by a large part of the inhabitants. At the gates of the Sahara desert, these three countries will fill your eyes with its landscapes. In addition, the spice markets with their multiple scents will fill you with wonder.



#9 Monaco


Photo du jardin exotique de Monaco

(Photo of the exotic garden of Monaco, by Julien Lanoy)

Monaco is an independent entity and is not a French region, despite the fact that it is located in France. Even though there are a large number of foreign visitors, the French language is mainly used by Monegasques. If you like luxury, the "m'as-tu-vu" and bling-bling, you will love Monaco. Don't hesitate also to visit the fantastic oceanographic museum founded by Prince Albert 1á”‰Êł of Monaco.



#10 Egypt


Photo des pyramides d’Égypte

(Photo of the Pyramids of Egypt, by Pete Linforth of Pixabay)

Egypt intrigues by its sumptuous pyramids and its thrilling history. You may be surprised to see Egypt in the list of countries where French is spoken. However, there is a part of the population of Egypt that still uses the French language. The country of the Nile Donation is even a member of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF).



#11 Mauritius


Photo du Cristal Rock à l’Île Maurice

(Photo of Cristal Rock in Mauritius, by DerBub de Pixabay )

French is not the official language of Mauritius, however a large part of the population speaks French. It is indeed, along with English, learned at school. French will therefore be very useful to you in this dream destination.



#12 Switzerland


Photo d’un paysage Suisse

(Photo of a Swiss landscape, by Ioannis Ioannidis of Pixabay)

I don't know about you, but when I see these landscapes, I immediately feel calmer. Between snow-capped mountains, turquoise blue lakes and wide green spaces, Switzerland is the nature and peace destination par excellence. The French language remains one of the three official languages in the land of chocolate. It is spoken by 23% of the Swiss population.



#13 French-speaking Africa: Senegal, Mali, Benin, Gabon, Togo, Niger, Djibouti, Rwanda, etc.


Photo de barques au Sénégal

(Photo of boats in Senegal, by Marclou de Pixabay)

Also due to a strong colonial past, it can be said that France left its mark on some African countries during its passage. Many have kept the French language as one of their official languages. If you want to discover French-speaking Africa, French will be very useful! Between seaside resorts, safaris, national parks, typical villages, as they say, you have the king's choice.



#14 Cambodia


Photo d’un temple cambodgien

(Photo of a Cambodian temple, by Poswiecie de Pixabay)

Cambodia, a country of serenity and spirituality, where the French language is also spoken by a minority of the population. It is mainly used in the city of Phnom Penh.



#15 Jersey


Photo de l’üle de Jersey

(Photo of the island of Jersey, by Falco de Pixabay)

Situated between France and England, the Island of Jersey is an autonomous dependent territory of the United Kingdom. Strongly influenced by British and French culture, French is taught at school to the inhabitants as a second language. The island is visited and known for its cliffside walks, its landscapes mixing the blue of the sea and the green of the valleys, as well as for its historic castles.



#16 Lebanon


Photo d’architecture libanaise

(Photo of Lebanese architecture, by pardjedj de Pixabay)

Between land and sea, Lebanon has many spoken languages, including French. Mainly rocky, the Lebanese landscapes are breathtaking. The Lebanese gastronomy is also very appreciated and is worth the detour.


#17 Vietnam


Photo de riziĂšres au Vietnam

(Photo of rice fields in Vietnam, by Dung Le Tien of Pixabay)

Official language until the middle of the 20th century, the French language is present, once again, thanks / because of France's colonial past. Its presence remains, nevertheless less so nowadays. Vietnam is famous for its cliff-side beaches, rivers, Buddhist places of worship, rice fields and lively cities.



#18 Luxembourg


Photo du chĂąteau de Bourscheid au Luxembourg

(Photo of Bourscheid castle in Luxembourg, by Yvonne Huijbens de Pixabay)

Formerly called Northern Gibraltar, Luxembourg is a tiny country in Europe. Endowed with lush green landscapes, Luxembourg has splendid forests, natural parks and a medieval past to be discovered without moderation. Luxembourg has three official languages: Luxembourgish, German and French.



#19 Haiti


Photo d’une plage haïtienne

(Haitian beach photo by Caleb George)

Located in the Caribbean and sharing its territory with the Dominican Republic, Haiti uses French as a second language. It is a language used for all administrative, commercial and educational purposes.



#20 Vanuatu


Photo du Vanuatu

(Photo of Vanuatu, by Monika MG)

Vanuatu is an archipelago of 80 islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is the country with the highest linguistic density in the world, i.e. it has a large number of languages for a small number of inhabitants. However, Vanuatu has three official languages: English, Bichelamar and French.



#21 Comoros


Photo des Ăźles Comores

(Photo of Comoros Islands, by Patrizio Severini)

The Comoros Islands, composed of four large islands, have three official languages: Arabic, Comorian and French. Between beaches and volcanic rocks, the Comoros Islands offer heavenly landscapes.  The Comoros Islands are also known for their culture of vanilla, cloves and ylang-ylang. Enough to thrill your sense of smell.



#22 Guernesey


Photo de Guernesey

(Photo de Guernesey par Olly Browning)

Like Jersey, Guernsey is an autonomous dependent territory of the United Kingdom. The island has three official languages: English, Norman and French. Guernsey is famous for its few seaside resorts and its walks along the coast. An ideal destination where French is spoken.



#23 Andorra


Photo de paysage de l’Andorre

(Landscape photo of Andorra, by geertwillemarck de Pixabay)

A member of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), this part of the country, located between France and Spain, is an independent principality. Offering magnificent green landscapes, Andorra is also renowned for its ski resorts.



#24 The Vatican


Photo du Vatican

(Photo of the Vatican, by geertwillemarck of Pixabay)

Why not visit the smallest state in the world? With four official languages, including French, the Vatican has an incredible history and cultural richness. So a pious stay in French doesn't tempt you ?



#25 France


Photo d’un champ de lavande

(Photo of a lavender field, by LĂ©onard Cotte)

And yes! We can't forget it! France is also a very beautiful destination and where French is spoken. There too, a wide range of landscapes is offered to you and there is something for everyone: countryside, mountains, sea, towns, meadows, lakes and rivers, etc


So, tell me which destination where French is spoken makes you dream the most ?

âŹ‡ïž âŹ‡ïž

See you soon for new adventures, in French of course ! đŸ‡«đŸ‡·