Who am I ?
My name is Manon, I am French and a certified French teacher. I am here to teach you how to speak real French, authentic French.
I am a "French 2.0 teacher", from the moment I decided to become a French teacher, my ambition has always been to teach French online.
Passionate about online learning, I am constantly learning about new digital tools and interactive methods to be always at the top for my learners. I believe so much in e-learning that I have completed and passed my Master’s degree in French as a Foreign Language at distance and online.
I will prove to you that learning French can be a lot of fun, even grammar. Yes, believe me, I make French grammar simple and fun! With me, you will learn the vocabulary and expressions that we really use in France. Not the vocabulary in textbooks that French people never use.
One of my favorite things is to share with you little cultural, linguistic or historical anecdotes about France or French-speaking countries, to have a story, meaning, and a little extra - behind each word and idiomatic expression
My diplomas and experiences :
2019 - 2020 : Master 2 French as a foreign language and French for specific purposes in school and business environments
2018 - 2019 : Master 1 French as a foreign language and French for specific purposes in school and business environments
Since 2020 : Teaching French online and creation of Ohlala French Course
2019 - 2020 : Teaching French for Berlitz
2019 : Teaching French for the Alliance française of Bruxelles
2019 : Teaching French for the European School of Brussels IV.
My values :
My role is to simplify your life and to make your learning French one long quiet river.
You expect concrete results and it is this that I will bring to you by my approach.
Because we can’t reach our objectives and overcome obstacles without confident and kind leadership.
10 things about me that you don't necessarily need to know (but that I share with you all the same):
1. I did my two years of Master 100% online and I loved it!
2. I have always loved school and learning. Teaching was a natural progression for me.
3. I have a cat and a dog.
4. My cat sometimes appears when I teach and it makes my students laugh a lot.
5. I can't go a day without drinking tea.
6. I was born in Burgundy.
7. I hate wine (yet, I'm French).
8. My favorite band is Queen.
9. Having students all over the world makes me feel like I'm traveling.
10. Long before the COVID-19 health crisis, I was already thinking that teaching online would be the future.