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Bonjour, I'm Manon

I am a certified native French teacher and founder of the online French school : Ohlala French Course.

Why I created Ohlala French Course ?
Because a few years ago, I was in the same situation as you! Well, not with French, because it's my mother tongue, but with English. I thought I had a decent level of English , then I decided to move to an English-speaking country

And there, I was dumbfounded!

Going abroad took me completely out of my comfort zone and I thought I would progress very quickly by being in an English speaking country. But... I found myself completely stuck.

Blocked by the fear of speaking a foreign language !

I couldn't find my words when I was talking to someone, even though they were right there in my head. I was getting nervous about speaking in a language other than my mother tongue. I didn't even take the risk of talking to other people anymore.

And you know what? The day I really started to progress was the day I stopped being afraid to speak a foreign language, afraid to make mistakes, afraid to be ridiculous.

And that's why I created Ohlala French Course:

so you can speak French without being blocked

My mission and that of my team?
It's to give a boost to your learning of French !

You deserved to achieve your goals in French, to realize the projects you wanted thanks to this language, and above all, you deserved to flourish.

You just need a little help to get there !

Ohlala French Course's values
Our role is to make your life easier and to make learning French a smooth ride.
You expect real results and that's what we're going to bring to you through our approach.
Because we can't achieve our goals and overcome obstacles without a confident and caring environment.
The Ohlala French Course team
French (natif)

A teacher always ready to take on new challenges and to help you reach your goals in French. My name is Benoit. I am Belgian and live in Brussels, where I have been teaching History and Geography for 15 years. Passionate about pedagogy, I followed a Master's degree to become a French teacher.

I consider that learning a language is the heart of all learning and the starting point of a new knowledge of oneself and the world. As soon as I graduated, I started teaching French online. I find online teaching exciting because it really allows me to adapt to the learners' demands and help them reach their goals in an individualized way.

I love to give anecdotes about the use of certain words, make connections between language use, culture and history.

French (natif)

My name is Sabrina Lipoff and I’ve been teaching French for 8 years, in France and abroad. I am a versatile teacher since in addition to teaching French, I collaborate with international organisations, I create and correct the DELF and DALF exam, and I train other French teachers.

I work online since 2019, both for teaching and creating online trainings for teachers and learners. Therefore, I master the digital tools and I know how to use them efficiently to teach French. In my classes, I focus on speaking, in a relaxed, friendly and kind atmosphere. I can’t wait to meet you and guide you in your learning of the French language!

French (natif)

Always smiling and dynamic, my name is Alexandra (aka Alex) and I am passionate about the French language and culture

Global traveler at heart, I have taught French in Australia and Spain. For me, learning French should be a process of fun and wonder.

Understanding the attitudes, cultures, values, and ideas of a country's inhabitants, I have no trouble making contacts and surrounding myself with a wide range of multicultural people. I also consider learning about a foreign culture as important as learning the language itself.

I am also creative and like to look for interesting and eye-catching learning materials that create a friendly learning environment.

I am also passionate about travel and art.