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Bonjour, I'm Manon

I am a certified native French teacher and founder of the online French school : Ohlala French Course.

Why I created Ohlala French Course ?
Because a few years ago, I was in the same situation as you! Well, not with French, because it's my mother tongue, but with English. I thought I had a decent level of English , then I decided to move to an English-speaking country

And there, I was dumbfounded!

Going abroad took me completely out of my comfort zone and I thought I would progress very quickly by being in an English speaking country. But... I found myself completely stuck.

Blocked by the fear of speaking a foreign language !

I couldn't find my words when I was talking to someone, even though they were right there in my head. I was getting nervous about speaking in a language other than my mother tongue. I didn't even take the risk of talking to other people anymore.

And you know what? The day I really started to progress was the day I stopped being afraid to speak a foreign language, afraid to make mistakes, afraid to be ridiculous.

And that's why I created Ohlala French Course:

so you can speak French without being blocked

My mission and that of my team?
It's to give a boost to your learning of French !

You deserved to achieve your goals in French, to realize the projects you wanted thanks to this language, and above all, you deserved to flourish.

You just need a little help to get there !

Ohlala French Course's values
Our role is to make your life easier and to make learning French a smooth ride.
You expect real results and that's what we're going to bring to you through our approach.
Because we can't achieve our goals and overcome obstacles without a confident and caring environment.
The Ohlala French Course team
French (natif)

A teacher always ready to take on new challenges and to help you reach your goals in French. My name is Benoit. I am Belgian and live in Brussels, where I have been teaching History and Geography for 15 years. Passionate about pedagogy, I followed a Master's degree to become a French teacher.

I consider that learning a language is the heart of all learning and the starting point of a new knowledge of oneself and the world. As soon as I graduated, I started teaching French online. I find online teaching exciting because it really allows me to adapt to the learners' demands and help them reach their goals in an individualized way.

I love to give anecdotes about the use of certain words, make connections between language use, culture and history.