#What exactly is Easter?

Easter is a religious celebration that is always celebrated on a Sunday.

In the Christian religion, Easter is the moment when Jesus rose from the dead. Christians therefore celebrate the return of Jesus to life. Easter is the most important feast of Christianity, much more than Christmas.

In the Jewish religion, Easter is the moment when God freed the Hebrew slaves from Egypt, as he promised Moses.

Nowadays Easter is a family feast that is more a matter of tradition than religion. It's an opportunity to have a family dinner and to gather together with the beautiful days that are coming.


#When do we celebrate Easter in France ?

Easter does is not on a specific date. The date is different every year and can be between March 22nd and April 25th.

The Monday after Easter Sunday is always a public holiday in France.


#How is Easter celebrated in France?

Traditionally, it is said that the bells of all the churches in France do not ring the three days before Easter Sunday. Children are told that they go to Rome to be blessed.

On their return, on Easter Sunday, they leave on their way, all over France, chocolate gifts for children that take different forms : rabbits, eggs, bells, chickens and hens.

The children, basket in hand, then set off to hunt for eggs hidden in their garden.

On the same day, a big family meal is often organised where a delicious leg of lamb cooked in the oven is eaten with green beans and potatoes.


#Easter vocabulary in French :

Un poussin *a chick*
Un lapin *a rabbit*

Un oeuf de PĂąques *An Easter egg*
Un panier *a basket*
Un oeuf en chocolat *A chocolate egg*
Une cloche *a bell*

Le vocabulaire de Pùques en français



#Bonus :

Easter eggs

*Easter Eggs : Proof that your children can find something when they are really looking for it !*


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Easter now holds no secrets for you. 😉

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