#What happens on December 31 at midnight ?

➡️  We're changing the year.

➡️  We're celebrating.

➡️  We make good resolutions.


#The different ways to celebrate the New Year :

Les différentes manières de fêter le Nouvel An


#Making good resolutions :

On January 1st, it is common for all French people to make new and good resolutions at the beginning of the year.

The New Year is a sign of new beginnings and renewal.

French people are motivated to make their lives better and above all to make efforts to achieve their goals for the year.

I propose a little game that will allow you to see how good resolutions are made.

What are the following resolutions ? Help yourself with pictures and write your proposals as comments :

Le jeu des bonnes résolutions 1

Le jeu des bonnes résolutions 2


#How are resolutions formulated ?

When formulating resolutions, the near future is generally used :

Comment formule-t-on des résolutions ?

Note : The infinitive of verbs with "se" is changed. Example: I'm going to take care of my children.*


#New Year's vocabulary :

And as a bonus, here's an infography on New Year's vocabulary :

Le vocabulaire du Nouvel An


A very good year to you Frenchies! 😉

Don't forget to do the exercise suggested in the article, share your answers as a comment! 😃
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See you soon for new adventures, in French of course ! 🇫🇷