#The vocabulary to talk about spring :

Un papillon 
*A butterfly*

Des oiseaux 

Une bicyclette
*A bicycle*

Une coccinelle 
*A ladybird*

Des fleurs 



#The verbs to talk about spring :

Se détendre
Je me détends tout en écoutant les oiseaux chanter
*I relax while listening to the birds sing.*

Elle jardine pour avoir de jolies fleurs.
*She's gardening for pretty flowers.*

Profiter du soleil
*Enjoying the sun*
Nous profitons du soleil tout en observant les coccinelles et les papillons.
*We enjoy the sun while watching ladybirds and butterflies.*

Rouler à vélo
*Riding a bike*
Tu roules très vite à vélo.
*You ride your bike really fast.*


Les verbes pour parler du printemps



#There's a saying about spring :

Dicton en français sur le printemps
*In April don't get undressed too much, in May do what you like.*

Do you know that saying? What do you think it means ?

In April, indeed, we can observe some beautiful days, but the month of April also hides some surprises, like a very cold weather the day after a beautiful sunny day !

The cold may still be present in April! This saying is therefore a popular adage, based on the experience of our climate.

The weather is so variable in April that it's best to avoid getting out of winter clothes too quickly !

However, in May, the heat proves to be sufficient so that there is no longer any risk of cooling due to a sudden change in temperature.

That's why in the month of May we say "do as you please", because you can finally put on your summer clothes without catching a cold.


#Expressions to talk about spring :

  • The formal expressions :

Les hirondelles chantonnent. 
*The swallows are humming.*

J'ai le rhume des foins. 
*I've got hay fever.*

Les beaux jours sont là ! 
*The beautiful days are here!*

Les fleurs éclosent. 
*The flowers are blooming*

Les expressions formelles pour parler du printemps


  • Informal expressions:

Les piafs chantent 
*The birds are singing*

Satanées allergies.
*Damn allergies!*

C'est la saison des apéros!
*It's aperitif season!*

Ça sent tellement bon ! 
*It smells so good !*

Les expressions informelles pour parler du printemps



#Practice :

Complete the following vocabulary words :

Entraîne-toi sur le printemps


✅ Correction of the exercice : âœ…

Correction de l'exercice sur le printemps




#Bonus : 

Ce que tu pensais faire ce printemps
Ce que tu fais réellement ce printemps


So, do you spend your spring like this, too ?

Spring now holds no secrets for you. 😉

See you soon for new adventures, in French of course! 🇫🇷