The 2022 soccer world cup started this weekend in Qatar. Since the announcement of the 2022 world cup and its preparation, it is controversial. Let's see what the French think about this 2022 world cup. Do they support it despite the controversies, or do they boycott it?

To talk about this subject, I based myself on several surveys. A survey is a questionnaire that is sent to know the opinion of several people on a subject. First, we must remember that soccer is the most popular sport in France. It's really an omnipresent sport. The French are crazy about soccer!

So, 48% of the French will watch the 2022 World Cup. Almost, one Frenchman out of two will watch the 2022 World Cup. If we compare with the figures of 2018, for the 2018 world cup, 64% of the French watched the world cup. There is a decrease compared to 2018.

Concerning the soccer fans, 23% of the soccer fans will not watch the world cup. 23% of the soccer fans will boycott the world cup 2022 because of the controversies. The opinions of the French on the 2022 World Cup are quite divided.

Some think that sport should remain, and I quote "a neutral ground, without political influence to unite nations". This resonates with Emmanuel Macron's recent statement on this same World Cup, who said, "We must not politicize sport."

On the other hand, some French people think that this World Cup should have been boycotted and that the French team, Les Bleus, should not have participated. 59% of French people even think that Les Bleus, the French soccer team, have not been committed enough to the issue of human rights. Human rights that have been violated during the preparation of this World Cup 2022.

Concerning these French people who are going to boycott the 2022 World Cup, here are their reasons:

77% of them are going to boycott the world cup because of the mistreatment of the workers who worked during the preparation of this world competition.

39% of them will boycott it because of the inequalities between men and women in Qatar.

35% of them find unacceptable the huge amount of money that has been invested in the 2022 World Cup. And 11% of them will boycott it because of the ban on homosexuality in Qatar. That's what the French think about this World Cup 2022.

And you, what do you think about this World Cup 2022 ? Are you going to watch it or boycott it? Are you interested in talking about this current topic in French? This week, we're going to talk about this topic.

Yes, in my conversation group, we will talk this week about the 2022 World Cup and the world of sports. I promise, no judgment, whether you watch it or not. We're here to practice our oral French, to express ourselves more naturally, and to gain confidence when speaking French.

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Vocabulary of the World Cup Soccer in French :

La coupe du monde = the World cup

Faire polémique / Une polémique = Making controversy

Soutenir = to support

Boycotter / Un boycott = to boycott

Un sondage =  a survey

Le football, le foot = football, soccer

Omniprésent = everywhere

Être fou de quelque chose = to be crazy about

Un footeux = soccer / football fan

Politiser = to politicize

Une équipe = team

Les Bleus = nickname of the French soccer team

Être engagé = to be committed, involved

Les droits humains = humans right

Bafoué(e) = violated

La maltraitance = abuse, mistreatment

Les ouvriers = worker

Une inégalité = inequality