Do you want to improve your French pronunciation and fluency? Yes ? Then you've come to the right place!

Today we are going to do a speaking practice exercise in French that I often propose exclusively to my Ohlala French Coffee students, my French conversation group.

I find it a very good exercise to combine with conversation sessions.

You can do this speaking practice exercise in French and then join us at Ohlala French Coffee to discuss the theme of the week which is: sleep!


I explain the instructions:

First: listen (I'll tell you about sleep)

Second: understand (I will explain the vocabulary)

Third: listen and repeat after me

Fourth: shadowing: repeat at the same time as me


It's not a simple exercise to do! Try, try again and again and be patient. Your efforts will pay off, that is, your efforts will bring you results.

Today, I'm going to give you a two-step listening comprehension exercise. I'm going to talk to you about a subject in a natural and authentic way and then we'll see in more detail the vocabulary I used.


First step: listen!

Transcription in French :

Transcription in English :

So, we're going to talk about sleep, I'm going to tell you how important sleep is to me and the consequences if I sleep badly or well.

Sleeping well is very important for me.

I need sleep, I need to have my 8 hours of sleep per night.

Otherwise, it's very complicated.

I feel bad, very tired of course, I have trouble concentrating and having a good day.

Sometimes, but rarely, I take little naps during the day.

But only if I am extremely tired or if I am sick.

I'm in a bad mood if I don't sleep well or enough!

On the other hand, when I have slept well, everything is better.

I get up early, I have time to do sports, to have my breakfast quietly.

And above all, I am in a better mood and more able to work.

I have a very complicated sleep pattern.

I have a lot of trouble falling asleep.

Normally, I am an early sleeper.

But, sometimes it can take me hours to fall into the arms of Morpheus.

It's so annoying!

So, I find a few tricks to help me fall asleep.

First, it has to be completely dark in my room.

There must be no light at all.

Secondly, there must not be a single little noise.

Yes, I'm a bit of a pain in the *ss when it comes to sleep.

Recently, I bought a weighted blanket to sleep better.

It's a very heavy blanket and apparently you sleep better with it, the nights are less restless.

And one of my French Coffee students advised me to put on white noise when I have trouble sleeping.

So, actually, I don't use white noise, I find it very high-pitched. I use brown noise.

Brown noise is a little bit softer, and it helps me fall asleep better.

Otherwise, I don't have many nightmares.

I have a lot of dreams and I usually remember them.



Second step: understand!

Le sommeil = sleep

La nuit / une nuit = night

Se concentrer = to focus

Faire une sieste = to have a nap

Être fatigué(e) = to be tired

Être malade = to be sick

Être de mauvais poil = to be in a bad mood
≠ Être de bonne humeur = to be in a good mood


Se lever tôt ≠ tard = to get up early or late

Être apte à faire quelque chose = Being able to do something

S’endormir = to fall asleep

Une lève-tôt ≠ lève-tard = a morning person
Un couche-tard = a night owl


Tomber dans les bras de Morphée = to fall asleep

Agaçant(e) = annoying

Une astuce =  a tip

Le noir complet = full darkness

De la lumière = light

Du bruit = noise

Être chiant(e) (familier) = a pain in the *ss.

Une couette = a blanket

Lesté(e) = weighted

Lourd(e) = heavy

Agité(e) = restless

Des bruits marron / blancs = Brown / white noises

Aiguë = high-pitched

Doux = soft

Un cauchemar = a bad dream, a nightmare

Un rêve = a dream

Se souvenir = to remember


Practice :

Come and practice in real in my conversation group Ohlala French Coffee. You will have the opportunity to practice your French 7 times a week with other students and a native teacher to guide and help you + lots of resources to prepare you for the conversation. All this for 39 euros per month.

I'll see you soon, for new adventures, in French of course. 🇫🇷