It's already difficult to understand the French in general, but to understand young French people is a real challenge!

As much for you who are learning French, but also for the older generations!

A little reminder, we are going to see some vocabulary used by young people. All the words we are going to see are part of the informal language register.



My gow means "my girlfriend / my lover". It's only used for girls, you can't say "ma gow", you'll say "mon mec".

For example: Il a une nouvelle gow depuis quelques jours.


Un charo

A charo is a man who has many conquests in love and who is often not very honest. It is a man who hits on many girls, sometimes several at the same time.

A charo is, in fact, the abbreviation of "charognard (=scavenger). It's not a positive word.

For example: Cet homme est un vrai charo ! Il collectionne les femmes.



Askip is simply the abbreviation of "A ce qu'il paraît” / “Il paraît que” / ‘Il semble”.

It's used to talk about something you have heard, a rumor, for example.

For example: Askip, il y aura une soirée chez toi samedi.



Frérot, it looks like “frère”, it means "bro". It's a cute nickname. But, it can also be used for very close friends.

For example: Hé frérot, comment tu vas ?


Y’a R

Y’a R means "Il n’y a rien" = There is nothing

Il n’y a rien —> Il y a rien —> Y a rien —> Y a R’. We like to keep it short.

For example: Y'a R ici, on s'en va.



Golri, we put upside down : Rigol. Golri means “Rigolo” = funny.  It's verlan !

For example: C'est trop golri cette série !


Un crush / En crush

Un crush, it's a person you like, you're not in a relationship with, but you would like to be in a relationship with this person. It's an anglicism, yes. We use a lot of anglicisms in French, especially young people.

For example:  Elle a enfin avoué ses sentiments à son crush.


En soumsoum

It means to do something in a hidden way, without seeing it, discreetly. 

For example:  Il est parti de la maison en soumsoum.



Ken, it means "to have sex" (to screw). And it's also verlan. It's verlan for "n*quer" which has the same meaning.

It can also be used in the sense of being tricked, of having lost to someone.

For example: Il a encore ken toute la nuit avec sa nouvelle gow.



Balec, It means "I don't care." To be more accurate, it means "Je m'en bats les c*uilles" = I don't give a f*ck."

For example:  Elle s'en balec de son nouveau travail. Elle n'y va plus.


Une frappe

Une frappe means simply a very beautiful girl.

For example: Cette fille qu'on a croisée, c'est une frappe !


C'est carré

C’est carré means, it's perfect, it works, it suits me.

For example:  J'adore cet endroit. C'est carré !


Être en PLS

Être en PLS means not being at your best. You don't feel well at all, sad or sick.

Basically, "être en PLS" is being in the lateral position of safety. It is the position in which one must put someone who is not feeling well, who is fainting.

For example: Il fait trop chaud, je suis en PLS.


Prendre cher

Prendre cher means: suffering heavy consequences. You do something, and it goes wrong. The situation is not going to go well.

For example: Il a pris cher aujourd'hui à l'école, le prof l'a sévèrement puni.


Dead ça

Dead ça means to do something well. We use the word "dead", but I don't think English speakers would say "You dead it", but rather "You killed it" or “You nailed it”.

For example: Grâce à toi, on a gagné ! T'as dead ça !



Malaisant means awkward. It is used when there is an embarrassing situation, embarrassing, shameful. It is used to emphasize the discomfort of the situation.

For example: C'est vraiment malaisant les parents qui essayent de parler comme les jeunes.


Un date

Well, a date has the same meaning as in English, it is a date, a love date.

For example: J'ai un date demain soir, on va au ciné.


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I'll see you soon, for new adventures in French of course! 🇫🇷