Listening comprehension: My best trip


My most beautiful trip was to New Caledonia. So, New Caledonia is here.

New Caledonia is a French territory, it is an archipelago located in the South Pacific.

I went to New Caledonia with my father and my older brother.

And we had heard a lot about New Caledonia, because my father and my mother lived there for a year when they were young. It's a place that's really close to my dad's heart, so for him to take us to New Caledonia, it was incredible.

We went to New Caledonia for 3 weeks. It was August in France, it was summer. In New Caledonia, it was winter, but winter there is like summer at home. It is very hot.

To get to New Caledonia, it was quite long. We took the train to Paris, then we took the plane for 22 hours! We still made a stopover in Japan before arriving in Nouméa, which is the capital of New Caledonia.

During this trip, we did not stay in the same place for 3 weeks. We went around the main island, we also visited two other islands belonging to New Caledonia, Ouvéa and Ile des Pins.

We stayed in different types of accommodation: in a hotel, in cabins, and we even went camping.

We did many activities. We did mainly diving, the seabed in New Caledonia is magnificent. We can see multicolored fish and gigantic shells.

We also went on a dugout where we could see dolphins, on a catamaran where we could see whales and on a boat where we could observe sharks.

We also made a lot of hikes, we could then observe incredible landscapes between the coconut trees.

The landscapes are very diverse in New Caledonia: we can see white sand beaches with a turquoise sea, in the center we can find forests and the earth is red, more in the North there are also cliffs and a lot of greenery, in the West we enter the bush with sceneries of Far West with cattle, ranches and Caledonian cowboys

I was able to eat some Caledonian specialties like Bougna which is a meat stew with cassava, sweet potato and coconut milk inside and all this is tied up in banana leaves.

I also had Tahitian salad which is made with parrot fish.

It was my best trip ever, because the landscapes are beautiful there and the people are indescribably kind. They have a very inspiring philosophy of life. The fauna and flora are incredible, I was full of it, it was magic, and I dream to go back there!



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