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I hope you are well and healthy at this particular time.

Today I hope to bring you some cheerfulness with this new video.

Today, we're going to do a listening comprehension on an episode of a sequence from the show "Comment ça va bien?". It's called the child lie detector test and it's great, it's super fun.

The idea of this sequence is to trap children. There's a fake detective with a fairy: the truth fairy. They put a strainer on a child's head, they make him believe it's a lie detector, and they interrogate him. And the answers are magical

How are we going to proceed? Each time I show you a short excerpt, and we talk about it together, we debrief vocabulary, expressions used and cultural facts. This allows you to look at an authentic document in French and to understand it with my help. Is that okay? Let's go!

Here, in this first excerpt, the detective re-explains the principle to the little girl, obviously he doesn't tell her that it's a false lie detector.

Interesting to see that at the beginning he greets her saying: Bonjour Mademoiselle.

You should know that in France, since 2012 the term Mademoiselle has been removed from administrative documents. It was considered sexist to call a girl / woman mademoiselle. Indeed, mademoiselle refers to an unmarried or not yet married woman while madame refers to a married woman. In our time, to distinguish a married or unmarried woman is regressive, so the state decided to remove it from the administrative documents to avoid polemics. However, it is still used in everyday life. And personally when you are young, you prefer to be called "Mademoiselle" rather than "Madame".

Then first question asked: Do you have a lover?

The little girl answers no, it rings and in fact she admits that she has a lover named Fernando. The detective asks her when they are going to get married and very funny she answers "at 10 o'clock" well she surely meant at 10 years old, even at 10 years old it is not possible to get married. Children don't have a very good sense of time.

He then asks her how tall he is. And here also very funny, she answers what time? Well apparently she confuses the hours and the meters. In general, to give the height of someone we speak in meters. Ironically the detective answers: 10 meters of eight hours. Obviously, this is not something that exists.

Louna goes on to say that she likes to eat vegetables with sausages. And then they trick her, the detective asks if sausages are a vegetable she answers no and it rings. Obviously the sausages are not vegetables, but it's to trap her. He asks her if sausages grow on trees and what is the name of the sausage tree. She answers "un saucissier". It's interesting that she responds by adding "-ier". This is because most fruit trees are built with the -ier end. Like: pommier ; poirier ; cerisier ; etc.

Ah the most interesting question! Does she say swear words? 

She answers that she doesn't say swear words, but "punaise".  Normally a bug is a rather flat insect that doesn't smell very good. But, we use "punaise" or "purĂ©e" to avoid saying "putain".

What's the worst swear word? The most insulting, the one that should be avoided to say. She answers: Ta gueule ! This swear word is a vulgar way to ask someone to shut up.

And then she says that she learned this swear word from her mom in the car who often gets angry at other drivers. Yes, it's well known that French people at the wheel transform and go completely crazy, out of control. It's surprising that children know such bad words at such a young age, but at the same time we don't give them a good example.

And cerise sur le gâteau ! The ultimate swear word : I'm going to tear out your eyes, ass face.

We end up on a too cute touch: a cover of Adèle.

And we learn that later Louna will want to be a star like the Winx.

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The lie detector :

Grammar elements :

How to I ask a question in French ?


Vocabulary elements :

Un dĂ©tective = A detective

Une fée = a fairy

Un détecteur de mensonge = a lie detector

La taille = the size

L'âge = the age

L'heure = the hour

Une saucisse = a sausage

Des légumes = vegetables

Ta g*eule ! = Sh*t up!

Des gros mots = swear words


Test your understanding :


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