You have no idea how many messages I receive with this same question!

How can I learn French quickly?

How can I speak French quickly?

What is the best way to speak French quickly?

And I always give the same answer to these messages! It depends!

It depends on your current level, it depends on your goals in French, it depends on the time you have to learn French.

It depends on many factors and there is no single solution to succeed in speaking French quickly. But today, I'm going to give you the best way, according to me, to speak French quickly and to have a very good level of French orally.



Immerse yourself in the French language:

I believe I repeat it every time, but if you want to progress in French, you really have to immerse yourself in the French language. Besides, it's not something boring to do. It can really be cool and fun.

"I started listening to an audio book in English. I admit I was a little afraid of not understanding anything. Especially since it's not an easy book, it's Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. And, really, it's okay, I understand almost everything. It completely takes me out of my comfort zone, but it's a great accomplishment."

You can do many things to immerse yourself in French:

  • Watch series, movies, cartoons.
  • Listen to podcasts, audio books, the radio.
  • Read a book, a newspaper or blog article.£

And you can do this in your free time:

"So, I finished my workday and I'm going to watch an English series. There are French subtitles, even though I don't feel the need for them. And I'll draw at the same time."

You can do that too when you're doing something else, when you're on the bus, when you're cleaning, or when you're cooking:

"I'm going to start cooking, and I've gotten into the habit of cooking while listening to an audiobook. So, now I'm going to continue listening to the book Sapiens. I have 8 hours left to listen to out of 15 hours! I'm almost halfway there!"

It seems simple, but it's very effective to immerse yourself for a few hours, a few minutes a day in French. It will help you become more familiar with the language and develop a better understanding of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.


Improving your pronunciation:

One of the key points to speaking French quickly is having good pronunciation. Having good pronunciation will help you be better understood by French speakers. The accent doesn't matter.

Having an accent normally does not prevent good comprehension. But pronunciation is important. And I know a great exercise to improve your pronunciation. I've been doing it for a few years now for my language learning, and it's great.

"I try to do a shadowing exercise at least once a week. I'll show you how it works. Well, I'll show you in French with one of my videos; it will be more relevant for you.

"The instructions are simple: you listen to what is said in full the first time. If you see a word you don't know, you can pause and look up the meaning of the word in an online dictionary. Then, you listen and repeat immediately after. You have small indications to know how to pronounce a word correctly and make connections. Now, it's shadowing: you're going to imitate the person when they speak. You repeat at the same time what is said."

This is absolutely great for improving your pronunciation as well as your fluency in French. Here's the link to my special playlist for pronunciation and shadowing in French.


Practice as much as possible:

Well, there's no secret. If you want to speak French well quickly, you have to practice as much as possible. You have to speak French as much as possible.

And I want to emphasize that you shouldn't focus on speaking French well, but on practicing, finding your words, and figuring things out even if you can't find the right words.

"There's an exercise I often do that works better if I'm alone, otherwise it's a bit weird. It's speaking to myself. I say what I'm doing, what I'm going to do, and I comment on what I see around me or what's happening. I find it a good exercise for practicing. In the car, it's a good exercise to do if I'm driving alone. I comment on what I see on the road, I say what I'm doing, what I'm going to do, what I have to do next, etc.

Sometimes, I ask myself some complicated questions, like 'What do you think about the retirement reform in France?'. And I see if I'm capable of talking about it in a foreign language."

Talking to yourself is a good way to practice your oral French, but it's not enough either!

You need to practice your oral French in conversations. In fact, keep in mind that you need to practice as much as possible and take advantage of any opportunity that comes up.

A great opportunity would be, for example, to have 84 hours of conversation offered for 3 months. Yes, that's a good opportunity. And that's the opportunity I'm offering you. By joining my group French courses, I offer you access for an additional 3 months to my French conversation group where you can practice your French 7 times a week.


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7 hours of French conversation with other learners and feedback and corrections from a native teacher


That's 10 hours of French per week in addition to what you're already doing.

It's HUGE! It's an exceptional opportunity! To be honest, I don't know if I'll offer something like this again, so it's the moment for you to take advantage of it if you want to finally succeed in speaking French well and really give a boost to your French.

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