Do you sometimes feel like you don't understand what French people are saying? They use weird words that you've never learned in traditional French textbooks.

You feel lost and stuck on these French expressions that you don't understand!

Today I'm going to teach you 8 expressions, 8 words to better understand the French and speak like them!


1. Ça fait un bail !

= Long time no see = It's been a long time.


2. On se tient au jus

let's keep in touch.


3. Ça marche

= it works for me


4. Ça me prend la tête.

= It's getting on my nerves.


5. Ça craint !

= That sucks!


6. J’ai la flemme

= I'm feeling lazy.


7. “Trop” instead of “très”

So, it's not necessarily an expression, but something that the French often do. It's using "trop" instead of "très".

"Trop" and "très" don't have the same meaning, and I'll explain the difference between the two soon in a future lesson.

Often the French use "trop" instead of "très". It's rather informal and emphasizes the high level of something.

For example :

Tes chaussures sont trop belles. = Your shoes are too beautiful.


8. Pas de souci.

= No problem.


See you soon for new adventures, in French of course! 🇫🇷