Welcome to this episode of French Coffee.

French Coffee is my French conversation group.

In this group, the goal is to gain confidence in speaking French and to express themselves more naturally in French.

If you are interested, the doors of the group are open, and you can join now.

This week at French Coffee, we will talk about our home, our house or apartment. We will also talk about the problems related to housing and our dream home, ideal.

I will answer a few questions that my students will answer as well.

The objective is:

  • to have an oral comprehension of what I am going to say
  • to learn new vocabulary on this theme which is a theme of everyday life.
  • to see an example of oral production on this theme


How to describe your home in French?

Present your home. Describe it:

My house is located in a small village of less than 1000 inhabitants. It is a large house of 195 square meters with a small garden.

The project is to divide this house in two to make two houses, with a part gite and a part where we live.

It is an old house, as it dates from the 17ᵉ century.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done in this house. We need to do some renovations and remodeling.

There is a living room with an open kitchen, four bedrooms, a bathroom, a toilet, a cellar and an attic.



How to describe your home in French?

What is your favorite aspect of your home?

My favorite part of my house is the kitchen that opens to the living room. It's a very warm, bright and pleasant space.

I have more motivation to cook because I feel good there.

In my old kitchen, I didn't feel good in it so I didn't feel like cooking.



How to describe your home in French?

What improvements would you like to make to your home?

There are many! There is the electricity to be redone already, because the electrical installation is not recent at all.

There is the renovation work to be done. In some rooms, the floor is not finished.

The windows need to be changed, because you can feel the air coming in, so it's not well insulated.

There is also the insulation of the roof to be redone.

There is already glass wool, but it is rotting and it is unhealthy.

After that, we also have to decorate the house when the work is finished.



Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode of French Coffee! If you want to come and chat about family with us, you can sign up here: French conversation group.

 đź‡«đź‡·  I'll see you soon for new adventures, in French of course.