Bienvenue dans cet Ă©pisode de French Coffee.

French Coffee is my French conversation group. A friendly conversation group to help you gain confidence in speaking and in French, of course.

At French Coffee, each week there is a new theme and you have the opportunity to express yourself 7 times a week on this theme in French.

During these conversation sessions, you will discuss the topic with another French learner. There will be a certified native French teacher to supervise the group, help you and answer all your questions about French.

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So, this week, the theme of French Coffee is: family!

So that's what we're going to talk about today. I'm going to answer a few questions that the members of French Coffee will also answer this week.

I'm going to speak in an authentic way, I'm not going to slow down my speech rate, I'm going to speak normally. I'm doing this to get you used to how the French really speak, it's important.

However, I will try to articulate well, and I invite you to do the same thing when you speak French, it helps a lot.

The goal for you in listening to this content is:

  • To have an understanding of what I am telling you, some tips :

    listen once

    listen again with subtitles if you are on video or by slowing down the speed (really do it for the second time, not for the first)

    look at the transcript to make sure you have understood and to better assimilate the vocabulary 


  • The second objective is to have an example of oral production on a specific topic in French.

    I even invite you to react to the questions I will ask about family. You can give your opinion in the comments or send me a private message on Instagram. The best way to memorize new vocabulary is to practice it directly.


Okay, you ready? Then let's go!


Talking about family in French

### First question: What do you think is the most important thing to have a happy family?

In my opinion, the most important thing to have a happy family is to communicate. 

Communication is **the key** to everything! As soon as you have a problem or a doubt, or anything, you have to talk about it.

The second thing is to be honest. It goes with the first one: you have to communicate, but you have to be honest, otherwise it's useless.

In order to have a happy family, I think you have to not **lie**, not **hide** anything from your family members.  

You also have to be supportive and patient sometimes. And remember what unites us.

If you **are comfortable in your own skin**, if you are in agreement with your values and if you help the members of your family to be so, you have everything to be happy. 

But, of course, we also need our family members to have the same values and the same way of thinking


### Second question: Almost 1 out of 2 couples in France gets divorced. What do you think about divorce?

This is a very good question. Especially since I am **a child of divorce**. 

Personally, I don't want to get married, because I don't feel the need or the desire. And if I don't get married, I don't get divorced, problem solved. 

**Joking aside, divorces and separations are never easy, especially if there are children in the couple. 

That's why I think it's important to be sure that you're a good and responsible person and that your partner is too before thinking about having children. 

And if there's a separation or divorce, to always protect the children, to be honest with them and to really **put them first**. 

Think of their happiness first. If there are no children, divorce is less of a problem, I think.




### Question 3: How do you think family life is changing in your country?

In France, families are changing, they are **evolving**. I think they are evolving in the right direction. Children are listened to more and their needs are **considered** more. 

Women have more freedom of choice in their lives, although there is still room for improvement in this area, but it's not bad. 

Men are more recognized as fathers and also get **parental leave** after **the birth** of a child. There are also improvements to be made there, but it's already good too. 

I really think that families are evolving in the right direction and the families that are doing so because the parents want to and not because of social pressure or pressure to have **an heir**. 

The only limitation I see is in the technology. Technology is good, but it can be dangerous. 

Families need to find an ideal balance related to technology so that it does not **affect** the family.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this episode of French Coffee! If you want to come and chat about family with us, you can sign up here: French conversation group.

 đź‡«đź‡· I'll see you soon for new adventures, in French of course.