The French are often known for eating well, for having a good diet. But what does "eating well" actually mean for the French?

To answer this question, we'll listen to a street interview from "Le bien manger" which asks several French people: What is "eating well"? What does eating well mean to them?

I like to propose this type of podcast episode, we talk about culture, we listen to authentic French speakers, and I'll help you if you haven't understood everything.

The question posed to the French is: What does eating well mean to you?


Eating well is eating a balanced diet. Including vegetables, meat, fruits.”

Eating a balanced diet means eating a bit of everything: vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins.


Eating well is about taste and the quality of the products

For this French woman, eating well means taking into account taste and the quality of the food products.


Prioritizing seasonal vegetables to have balanced products and diversity in food.”

Seasonal vegetables are vegetables that are harvested at the period when they are in season in our country. This allows for local and less processed products.


Sharing is above all and it reminds us of family

For this French woman, eating well is above all about sharing with her family, eating with them, spending a good time with them.


It's more of a moment than what will be on my plate in the end

Likewise, for this French woman, eating well is primarily about spending a good time with her loved ones. She doesn't place much importance on what she eats, but with whom she eats.


First, eating what I want, so what I want can also be a burger. So, that's making me happy, but sometimes what makes me happy is not necessarily good

For this same French woman, eating well is eating what she wants, what she desires. But what she wants to eat is not always very good for her health.


Taking the time to eat and not grabbing a sandwich on the go

For this French man, eating well is taking the time to eat. He thinks it is not good to eat a sandwich on the go, that is, to eat a sandwich very quickly, with a short moment to eat.


For some French people, eating a balanced diet is important, with vegetables, starchy foods and proteins.

Other French people think that eating well is linked to the taste and quality of the products, and that it is preferable to prioritize seasonal vegetables.

For some French people, eating is above all a moment of sharing with family or loved ones, where what matters is not so much what is on the plate, but rather the company.

Some recognize that eating well is not necessarily good for health. But it is also about enjoying yourself.

And for the French, it is important to take the time to eat and savor the moment.


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