In French, there are several names for a famous person: une star, une célébrité, une personnalité.


5th place :

At the fifth place of this ranking, we find for men Francis Cabrel who is a French singer. And for women, Alexandra Lamy who is a very popular French actress.


4th place :

In fourth place, we find two singers: Soprano, a rap singer from Marseille and Louane a French singer discovered in the show The Voice. Louane is also an actress and played in the very good movie: La famille Bélier.


3th place :

Omar Sy, a very popular French actor, in France and also internationally, is ranked third. Known for having played in Intouchable and the series Lupin, he is very popular with the French. On the women's side, we find Florence Foresti in third place. She is a French actress and humorist. I advise you to watch her new series Désordres on Apple TV.


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2d place :

In second place among men, we find Thomas Pesquet, a spaceman very much appreciated by the French for his humble and successful side. Thomas Pesquet is the most experienced European astronaut. On the women's side, Marion Cotillard is ranked second. She is a French actress who has also had her little success in Hollywood. She is the highest paid French actress in Hollywood.


1st place :

For a few years now, we always find the same two stars at the first place of the ranking of the favorite personalities of the French: Jean-Jacques Goldman, for men, and Sophie Marceau for women. Jean-Jacques Goldman is a very popular singer in France, even if he hasn't released a song for about ten years, he remains in the heart of the French.

Sophie Marceau is a French actress who had her first success in the film Boom. Since then, she is the darling of the French, that is to say the favorite. She is very appreciated for her talent and elegance.