This week we're going to talk about the topic of press and media at Ohlala French Coffee, we're going to talk about print and online media, how the media covers the news and how you use the media.


Why follow the news in French?

Because it may be a habit you already have to follow the news in your native language.

It's much easier to take a habit you already have and convert it into French than to create a new one.


How to follow the news in French?

Because it may be a habit you already have to follow the news in your native language.

As with everything, there is no magic bullet or perfect pre-existing system.

The important thing is that it works for you. That it suits your tastes and your schedule and that you don't feel forced to do it.

Enjoy doing it, that's fundamental.

If you are already used to following the news in your mother tongue, that's fine, you can also do it in French or share this time. Follow the news in your mother tongue for five minutes and five minutes in French, for example.

This is also a good solution if you are a beginner or not very comfortable in French: to consult a news in French that you have already consulted in your mother tongue, so that you already have an idea of what it is about.

đź’ˇ Useful information: If you are looking for news online, I recommend you to add a very useful extension to your web browser: Google Dictionary. It's a tool that allows you, just by double-clicking on a word, to have its translation in English. It's not perfect, but it can still be useful and avoid you getting stuck on a vocabulary word.


So, let's discover the 5 sites I recommend following the news in French, here we go:


For beginners in French :

1 jour 1 actu :

For people who are new to French, I recommend a very good site that I love, it's 1 jour 1 actu.

Basically, 1 jour 1 actu aims to make news more accessible to children. But, it's not because it's for kids, that it's not interesting, quite the contrary.

Because it is for children, the words used are simpler, there are illustrations to help understanding and the narrator has a clear voice. 

They also offer several supports: videos, articles and even podcasts.

News topics are covered, but also cultural and social topics.

1 jour 1 actu is also available in mobile application.

1 jour 1 actu


For intermediates in French :

7 jours sur la planète (TV5 Monde) :

7 jours sur la planète was created by TV5 Monde for you, for learners of French.

They offer French-speaking newscasts to follow the news while improving your French.

Every Friday, there are two new reports with a transcript and exercises adapted to your level to test your comprehension.

This program is intended for levels A2, B1 and B2.

7 jours sur la planète is also available in mobile application.

7 jours sur la planète


Journal en français facile :

Journal en français facile is a podcast that covers French and world news.

A new podcast is published from Monday to Friday at 8 am, an episode lasts about 10 minutes.

A transcript of the podcast is provided for your convenience.

Journal en français facile


Bien-dire :

Bien-dire is a news magazine for language learning.

They offer monthly and yearly subscriptions to receive a magazine every month.

On their website, you can also find articles about French and world news.

There is some vocabulary translated into English to help the understanding of the article.



For the advanced in French :

For advanced levels, I will propose you to follow the news as the French follow the news. These are not media created for language learning or for children.

HugoDĂ©crypte : 

HugoDĂ©crypte, it's really one of my favorites to follow the news in French. 

To be honest, since the health crisis, I have a lot of trouble following the traditional media on TV or the online press that you can find.

I find that there is too much misinformation, fake news and putaclic.

This is my personal opinion, but I find that traditional media are more interested in creating buzz than in informing us properly.

When I discovered HugoDĂ©crypte, I was very happy, because he does an incredible journalistic work.

He popularizes the news, that is to say that he makes it simpler, more accessible to everyone so that we understand it better.

You can find him on YouTube and also on Instagram.


Newspaper vocabulary in french :

Newspaper vocabulary in french :



Je vous dis à bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures, en français bien sûr ! 🇫🇷