Of course, this is the topic we'll be talking about at Ohlala French Coffee, so if you'd like to talk and share your smartphone usage and that of your country, you can join us in this French conversation group.


Talk about smartphones in French :

Talk about smartphones in French

So, in fact, you may have noticed that in French we use the word smartphone which means a cell phone with more functions than a standard cell phone.

We can hear the term "téléphone intelligent" which is the translation of smartphone, but everyone uses the English term "smartphone".

On the smartphone, we can find buttons, the screen which is touch-sensitive, the camera and the speaker.

You can also have a shell to protect your phone.

When my phone has no battery, I use my charger to recharge it.

My phone, I can turn it off and on.

I can also put it on silent mode, vibrate mode or airplane mode.

In my smartphone, I can have a wallpaper.

A smartphone is composed of applications that can be consulted.

I can download an app, if I don't use it anymore, I can uninstall it.

💡 Useful information: the most used applications by the French are WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messanger, Instagram and Snapchat.


Thanks to my smartphone, I can send a sms, a message, a text message.

I can write a message thanks to my touch keyboard.

I can also call, make a call, make a phone call, reach someone.

When someone calls me, I pick up the phone, I answer the phone and when I finish my conversation, I hang up.

When a person talks a lot on the phone or in person, you can say that he is a chatterbox.

To make a phone call I need to have a network, to get a signal.

To contact someone I can look them up in my contact list or I can dial the number.

When I call someone, it can happen that I get an answering machine, a message service. I can then leave a message.

When I'm on the phone, the person can hang up on me, that is, they can end the conversation abruptly.

The people I can call and text are my contacts and I can contact them.


With my phone, I can go on social networks. I can check my news feed. 

I can subscribe to accounts, follow people, like, comment on posts and share content.

I can get notifications on my phone to inform me of a new news item or post.

If I'm on my phone too much, you could say I have my eyes on my phone.

If I'm on my phone too much, calling friends, you could say I'm hung up on my phone.


French smartphone vocabulary:

French smartphone vocabulary

  • The speaker
  • The camera
  • The touch screen
  • A button
  • A port


French smartphone vocabulary


  • A case
  • A battery
  • A charger
  • An application
  • The network
  • A function
  • A phone background


French smartphone vocabulary


  • Turn off
  • Turn on
  • Recharge
  • Download
  • Uninstall
  • Receive
  • Call
  • Text
  • View


French smartphone vocabulary

  • Silent mode
  • Vibrate mode
  • Airplane mode
  • Pick up
  • Hang up
  • A notification
  • A voice message


Your turn: What's your smartphone usage? Write it in the comments!

I'll see you soon for new adventures, in French of course! 🇫🇷