We are entering the last week of the year 2021!

It was not an easy year yet, but we keep hope for 2022. We keep our fingers crossed that everything goes well.

This is the time of year when we start making good resolutions for the year 2022.

Making good resolutions means deciding to do something to improve yourself.  For example: do more sports, read more books, spend more time with your family, stop smoking, etc. These are things that will help us improve our daily life, our lifestyle or our health. 

And I am sure that one of your resolutions for the year 2022 is to improve your French skills.

You may have decided to devote more time to French, to finally speak French, maybe even to move to a French speaking country next year.

It is then necessary to boost your French skills in 2022

Today we will see how to keep your resolution to speak French in 2022. I will give you some tips to keep this resolution. 


Tip #1: Set Goals

It sounds obvious, but you really need to be clear and specific in your resolutions.

Take five minutes and think about exactly what you want to improve or achieve in French.

You want to improve your oral French skills in 2022. Okay, but you need to be specific.

For example:
I want to reach level B2 in oral skills in 2022.
I want to be able to hold a conversation on everyday topics in 2022.

These are specific objectives. 

We're going to do a practical exercise: in commentary, formulate precisely your objectives for 2022 in French. Tell me precisely what you want to improve and what results you want to achieve. 


Tip #2: Get organized

We'll be honest when we have a resolution for next year and we say to ourselves, "I'll wait until January and see how it goes."

Hmmm...the resolution will not be kept!

It's important to get organized and to anticipate the time we will have next year between work and family life.

So, yes, it takes time to improve in French. But the most important thing is to be regular.

I'll take my example, I love learning languages, but I don't have much time, if any at all. However, I try to keep up with, in my case, English every day. Just listening to music or a podcast in English or watching a YouTube video in English during my lunch break. And if I can, as soon as I have more time I practice.

The best way to improve in any language is to practice.

And if you have more time, a few hours a week is just fine. Dedicate that time to French and practice. But, be regular! It's ultra-important to be regular and to have a specific time each day to get your French fix.

Second practical exercise: think about when you could devote time to French in your week. Tell me in the comments, that makes your resolution concrete, and we'll think together about the best way for you to improve your French in 2022.


Tip #3: Be easy on yourself

Learning French doesn't have to be something unpleasant.

Even if you are a perfectionist and have goals you want to accomplish, you don't want French to demoralize you.

It's a vicious circle: the more negative vibes you get from French, the less progress you will make.

It's like sports, you have to listen to yourself, be patient and stay positive to reach your goals.

Honestly, among my students, those who progress the most are those who are patient, who are relaxed with their French and especially those who are persevering. There is a great psychological aspect to take into account to progress in French.


Tip #4: Learn French with my French school

To help you reach your French goals in 2022, I suggest you join my online French school.

For the first time, I will be launching group French classes starting January 10th. I can't wait, because it's going to be great.

And I know that my team and I can really help you in French


How will it work?

The objective of these group courses is that you reach a half level in 3 months. For 3 months, we will meet twice a week for an hour and a half to give your French a huge boost

We focus particularly on oral skills (listening and speaking), because these are the most difficult skills to master.

You will express yourself with confidence in French and above all you will express yourself in French in an authentic way.

The teachers will be there to help you and guide you to speak like a native speaker

You will also solidify your knowledge of grammar and enrich your French vocabulary.


The resources are authentic, prepared and chosen by me. I have favored a perfect balance between grammar, vocabulary and conversation, always with the objective of comprehension and oral expression.

Each time we see a grammar point, one of the objectives is to know how to use it orally and in everyday life. We will also look at current topics of conversation that are part of everyday life. We will see authentic vocabulary, slang and idiomatic expressions. The idea is to use real and natural vocabulary and sentence structures that a French person would also use.

In addition, for each course you will have a course summary with the vocabulary words seen, grammatical phrases to be improved and the pronunciation of certain words to be improved.


Groups will be small (3 to 6 students) + a certified native teacher who will be there throughout the course.

Small groups + an hour and a half lesson = plenty of time to practice French.

We will meet on Zoom and the replay of the course will be available every time. So, if you can't make it to a class, you can watch the replay of the class and catch up on what we did.


The value of one hour of group French lessons is 15 euros per hour, a price that I have tried to keep as reasonable as possible for you, so that you can join us. 

I've been working on this project for months to make it the most adapted to your expectations and especially to help you progress. 

To register, click on the following link: French group courses

I'll see you soon for new adventures, in French of course! 🇫🇷