Voilà comes from the verb "voir" in the imperative and the preposition "là": « vois là », which meant « regarde là ».

Over the years, these two words have been combined into one: Voilà.

This word is used in several situations and can have several meanings:

▶︎ "Voilà" is a form of sentence adverb used to introduce what is to be said and to show something.

  • Voilà, qu'il arrive ! / Here he comes! 
  • Voilà, la maison que j’ai achetée ! / Here is the house I bought!


▶︎ It's also used when you give something to someone:

  • Voilà, le livre que tu m’as prêté. /  Here is the book you lent me. 
  • Voilà, votre plat, Madame. /  Here is your dish, Madam.


▶︎ We also use "voilà" as a language tic to indicate that we have nothing to add.

  • Je n'en peux plus ! Voilà ! /   I can't take it anymore! That's it! 
  • Bon, voilà, les vacances sont terminées. /. Well, that's it, the vacations are over.
  • Voilà, cette vidéo est terminée ! /  That's it, this video is over! 


I'll see you soon for new adventures, in French of course! 🇫🇷