This week we're going to talk about the topic of daily life at Ohlala French Coffee, my French conversation group. We're going to talk about routine, your routine and routine during the health crisis.



It's 7am, I just got up. I use a connected watch to wake me up. I don't really like connected watches, I find it a bit gimmicky (it's not an Apple Watch, just an unbranded watch). The "alarm clock" function is really great! I don't like to be woken up by a ringtone, it's very unpleasant. And a watch wakes you up with vibrations on your wrist, and it's a much softer alarm clock.

When the alarm goes off, I try to get up right away, otherwise it's much harder to get up if you stay in bed.

The first thing I do when I get up is go to the bathroom to pee. After that, I do an hour's workout, so I go put on my gym clothes. 

Before that I go to the bathroom and apply some cornflower water on my eyes, it's very pleasant and relieves the dark circles. 

Since the confinement and the closing of the gyms, it was quite difficult to work out at home and to have the necessary space. My boyfriend and I made the choice to sacrifice our living room to have a gym space. Here, it's supposed to be the living room or the dining room, but we decided not to have one and to install a sport space. So in our house we don't have a dining table, it's kind of weird, but it works for us.

I do about an hour of exercise, depending on the day. I do 20-30 minutes of cardio on my trampoline. I found out that you can do sports with a trampoline and not just have fun. Apparently, it burns more calories and provides better shock absorption on the ground to protect your joints. Afterwards, I do 20 to 30 minutes of muscle strengthening: I work either my legs, my abs or my upper body. 

Today, I'm planning to do a pilates session, let's go!



After my workout, I get dressed. I don't wear makeup every day, or if I do it's very simple: a bb cream and a little mascara. 

Then I prepare my breakfast. I eat a goat's milk yogurt, with pineapple and granola that I make myself. And of course, I drink tea! I have breakfast in my office, at the same time I watch the news in English or answer my emails.


9am to 12pm

My work day starts at 8:30 / 9:00 am. My schedule is never the same every day and every week.

I try to have a maximum of 5 or 6 hours of classes per day, but sometimes I have 7 or 8. My classes are one hour long, I give private lessons and I also have my French conversation group Ohala French Coffee 4 times a week.

Most people think that if you're a teacher, if you don't have classes, you don't work. They really don't realize all that's behind it: preparing for classes, creating Instagram content, podcast videos, articles and newsletter, editing videos, planning content, managing social networks (responding to comments, private message questions), answering emails, administrative management. In fact, when you're a freelance online teacher, you don't have only one job, but several jobs.

I rarely have a moment where I say to myself "Ah, I have nothing to do". No, that never happens. Because even when I'm done with all the tasks for the week, I move on to new projects. 

I schedule my week on Sunday, which is also the day I prepare my lessons for the upcoming week. I organize my schedule around the lesson times I have. Ideally, I have blocks of classes in the evening or in the morning, so that I can focus on other tasks during the half day. After that it rarely happens, so I try to adapt.



Around 12:00, I eat. It's pretty simple what I prepare so it's quick. For example, today it's avocado, tuna, rice and olives.

 I also eat in front of my computer, yes I know it's not good. Tell me in comments if you too have this bad habit of eating in front of a screen, I know I'm not the only one, don't lie. While I'm eating, I either watch a series to clear my head or I take the opportunity to answer emails or Instagram comments. 

Usually, after eating, I take a little 5-15 minute break where I go outside (when the weather is nice of course) with my cat and dog. I get some fresh air, see if my plants are growing well and play with my cat and dog. And during the day, if I feel hungry, I eat half a square of chocolate or a piece of fruit, a banana or an apple.

13pm - 20pm

I go back to work around 1pm. I usually have more classes in the afternoon, especially in the evening. I alternate between classes and other tasks I have to do (for example, today it's video editing). Here you see me editing the video you are watching right now. I try to take at least a 5 to 10 minute break in the afternoon, or like at noon, I go outside, get some fresh air and make myself a cup of tea (very important)



My day ends at 8pm / 8:15pm sometimes. When I finish late, it's my boyfriend who prepares food. And again, I eat in front of my screen (bad habit, I know). In summer, we usually eat outside, it's more pleasant. I eat in front of a TV show to relax a bit.

Sometimes I work at the same time, I told myself to stop working after 8pm, but sometimes I can't help it.

Here it is, 9:30 pm, I took my shower and I go to bed. It usually takes me a long time to fall asleep, so I try to go to bed around 10pm and fall asleep around 11pm. It's pretty crucial to get my 8 hours of sleep.



Vocabulary of daily life in French:

Morning routine - Daily life - French vocabulary

Evening routine - Daily life - French vocabulary



Your turn: Describe your daily routine! Tell me in comments!

I'll see you soon for new adventures, in French of course! 🇫🇷