This week at Ohlala French Coffee, we're going to talk about one of my favorite subjects: music.

And what a pleasure to learn a language with music

! I admit that I listen to a lot more English music, but there are still French songs that I love.

I warn you right away, there are few recent songs, a few, but in general I prefer the "oldies" as they say. I will try to propose you some less known songs, to make you discover maybe some new artists. Here we go!

It was very difficult to make this classification, because I realized that there are a lot of French songs that I love. So, I have a little surprise for you at the end. Stay until the end.



Number 10 

The tenth one is a pretty recent song, it's from 2016. It's a song by Vianney called Je m'en vais.

The singer explained that his song is about taking flight after a difficult moment such as a love breakup, a conflict in a family or the loss of a friend. 

I like this song, because I find Vianney's voice extraordinary. Also, I like how the song starts slowly and then gradually builds up.



Number 9

The ninth “En rouge et noir” from Jeanne Mas. 

This song released in 1986 tells the personal story of the singer and the struggles she has faced in her life. It is a call to resist and never give up.

I like this song very much, because we feel all the power and anger of the singer and it makes me want to follow her in her struggle.



Number 8

J't'emmène au vent from Louise Attaque is in eighth place in this ranking.

Released in 1997, this song has become a classic that can often be heard at a party with friends. It is also perfect for working on your subjunctive.

How can you not like the frenzied rhythm of this song. You can't help but be in a good mood when listening to it.



Number 7

In seventh place, we find the whirlwind life of Jeanne Moreau.

We go back a little in time, this song was released in 1962 and comes from the movie Jules and Jim. Le tourbillon de la vie is a song that has been covered a lot, especially by Vanessa Paradis. 

I like the soft rhythm of this song, it is a pleasant ballad. Moreover, the message of the song is also beautiful: the fact of being carried away by the whirlwind of the life and that the destiny makes that we find the people whom we must find.



Number 6

 In sixth place, we find a beautiful song by Daniel Balavoine : Tous les cris les SOS.

I really advise you to listen to all the songs of Daniel Balavoine, they are magnificent. They are classics of the French song. This song is very beautiful, the lyrics are strong and full of meaning



Number 5

In fifth place a song by the rock band Téléphone - Un autre monde 

Released in 1984, this song expresses a disgust towards the reality of the world which is not as beautiful and utopian as the singer imagined as a child. 

I heard this song all my childhood, because my father is a fan of the band Téléphone. I also love this song, and it proves that French rock is good too!



Number 4

In fourth place, we find a beautiful song : Le sud from Nino Ferrer released in 1975.

This song is a cover of an English version performed by Nino Ferrer and Radiah Frye. The English version was not very successful, but the French version sold over a million copies.

I love this song because it reminds me of the south. When I listen to it, I feel like I'm on the Mediterranean Sea, I hear the cicadas and I smell the lavender fields. I travel with this song.



Number 3

We arrive on the podium. In third position, we find Je te donne - Jean-Jacques Goldman and Michael Jones.

Well, I'm cheating a bit with this one, because it's a duet with an English and French singer. But, I love it ! I also advise you to listen to more Jean-Jacques Goldman's songs, he is for me one of the best French-speaking artists. I like this song for its rock rhythm and for the French-English mix


Number 2

In second place, we find a song not very well known : Rimini des Wampas released in  2006.

It is a song that pays tribute to the cyclist Marco Pantani who died of an overdose in his hotel room in Rimini, Italy. This song has a beautiful and strong text. I also like the rhythm of the song where it starts slowly and becomes more and more powerful



Number 1

And in first place... suspense... My favorite French song is Si j’étais un homme from Diane Tell. 

I should rather say Francophone song, because the artist is not French, but Quebecois. It's a song released in 1981 where the singer revolts against the codes of the time concerning the couple that she considers sexist.

I don't know exactly why I like this song, I find it powerful, a bit avant-garde for the time and I like the fact that we really feel the anger and the revolt of the singer in this song. Her message is strong and still relevant.

🎁  As I promised you, I'm linking you a little surprise: a Spotify playlist of great French songs with the ones I presented and many more!


Now, I would like you to tell me in comments: what is your favorite French song

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I'll see you soon for new adventures, in French of course! 🇫🇷