"Emmerder" les non-vaccinés "jusqu'au bout"


I think it was Emmanuel Macron's sentence that caused the most controversy.

“Emmerder quelqu’un” =
is a vulgar term that means to annoy, to make life more complicated for someone. 


“Les non-vaccinés” =
are the people who are not vaccinated against Covid in this context.


Jusqu’au bout =
Until the end.


Emmerder les non-vaccinés jusqu’au bout = Pissing off the non-vaccinated to the core 


Il faut pas raconter des CARABISTOUILLES !


Emmanuel Macron's specialty is to bring up to date old French expressions that have been completely forgotten.

Des carabistouilles =
this is nonsense, lies.


Raconter des carabistouilles =
is to lie.


Il (ne) faut pas raconter des carabistouilles =
you must not lie, you must not tell lies.


The word "carabistouille" is not used too much in France. It is more used in the north of France and in Belgium.

Generally, we will say : “Il ne faut pas raconter des salades” which means the same thing = you must not lie.


C'est croquignolesque !


We remain in the same register of the improbable expressions. (I must admit that I did not know this expression!)

Croquignolesque =
means "ridiculous" "absurd".


C’est croquignolesque =
it's absurd, it's ridiculous.



Il y en a certains, au lieu de foutre le bordel, ils feraient mieux d'aller regarder s'ils peuvent avoir des postes là-bas

One returns in the vulgar register.

In Emmanuel Macron, there are two people: The supported Macron who loves the old expressions of grandmother and Macron the thug.

The key word here is “Foutre le bordel”. 
= (vulgar) means to cause trouble, to disturb the normal order of something. It can be causing trouble, making noise, or putting things where they don't belong.





There, we pass in the familiar register, even young.

“C’est finito” =
it just means "It's over", "It's finished".


It's an expression used a lot by young people.

Les marchés européens, finito ! = The European markets, it's over, it's finished.


On fait avancer le schmilblick


Le schmilblick, it's basically an imaginary object invented by a French comedian during a sketch in the 50s. After that, there was a show called le schmilblick in which the expression "Faire avancer le schmilblick" was used in the game.

This expression "Faire avancer le schmilblick" then remained in the French language.

“Faire avancer le schmilblick” =
means to provide part of the solution to a problem, to take action to try to solve a situation or a problem.


On fait avancer le schmilblick =
we try to solve the problem



See you soon for new adventures, in French of course! 🇫🇷