To obtain the intermediate level A2 in French, you must be able to do several things in French.

You need to have the following communication skills in addition to the skills you have already acquired at the A1 beginner level. If you want to know how to learn French at the beginner level, I recommend my blog post: How to learn French for beginners?

To obtain the intermediate level A2 in French, you must be able to :

  • Order or reserve something (at a restaurant, in an airport, etc.)

  • Carry out simple transactions: buy, sell, etc.

  • Ask for, give and understand information

  • Describe past and future activities

  • Talk about your everyday life

  • Justify an opinion in a simple way

  • Talk about your tastes and preferences

  • Situate yourself in time and space

  • Expressing feelings

  • Describe: a person, a place, a situation, an object, etc.

  • Ask or propose something to someone

You need to master these communication skills in order to have the A2 level in French.

And to reach these linguistic objectives, you must acquire skills in grammar and vocabulary.

Let's see for each category, the points you need to master.



The more you progress in French, the more you will have to revise what you have learned previously. The grammar points that you have seen at A1 level, you have to revise them, perfect them, go further.

Let's look at the grammar you need to master at intermediate level A2:

  • The recent past

  • The progressive present

  • Cause and consequence

  • The imparfait tense

  • The difference between the imparfait tense and the passé composé tense

  • The comparative and the superlative

  • The futur simple tense

  • The difference between the futur proche and the future simple

  • Expressions of time

  • Relative pronouns

  • The COD and COI pronouns

  • The present conditional

  • Reported speech in the present tense

  • Possessive pronouns

  • The passive voice

  • The indefinite pronouns and adjectives

  • The EN and Y pronouns

  • The gerund

So, for the intermediate level in French, you must master all these grammar points or at least already know them.

You will master them as you go along and revise them at the next levels.

Don't put pressure on yourself and don't try to learn everything in record time. It won't be productive.

Learning a language is an ongoing process and it is important to take the time to understand and master each step.



If you have the beginner level (A1) in French and you want to obtain the intermediate level A2 in French, you must know the vocabulary of several fields.

You must learn in French:

You must:

  • Review the vocabulary you have already learned at the beginner level, and go further with what you have learned.

You must learn the vocabulary of :

  • The family

  • Physical description

  • Places (shops, nature, etc.)

  • Leisure activities

  • Means of transportation

  • Daily life

  • Everyday objects

  • Action verbs of daily life

  • Housing

  • Food and cooking

  • Animals

  • Countries and cities

  • Internet and media

  • Payment and money

  • Politeness



At this level, you should have mastered the French alphabet and most of the sounds in French. To go further in pronunciation, I invite you to follow the shadowing method.

Shadowing consists of repeating sentences, imitating native French speakers.

You can use YouTube videos of native French speakers and imitate them.

I put you the link of a playlist where I propose you several shadowing exercises in French to have a better pronunciation in French.


See you soon, for new adventures in French of course! 🇫🇷