You lack specific and everyday vocabulary! You don't understand slang (and especially verlan)! You don't work on all the skills, especially writing and speaking! You are not satisfied with your French pronunciation and you want that to change! You make a lot of grammar mistakes, especially because you don't know French grammar well, and you think that if you understood the grammar better, it would be easier and your sentences would be more accurate.

Because of this, you lack spontaneity and naturalness in French, you find it hard to understand the French and they don't understand you, you have trouble integrating in France, you are not satisfied with yourself, you are not confident in French which causes you stress and pressure.

You want to change that and I understand, it's normal. I'm not going to lie, to move to the next level in French, you need several things:

  • practice
  • consistency
  • a strategy
  • and patience

To improve in French, of course you have to practice, and you must practice every skill in French: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Even if, it's true, you really need to focus on listening and speaking, as these skills are harder to master.

To enhance your French, you need to be consistent. It's useless to study French 2 hours a day for a week, then suddenly stop for several weeks, then start again, then stop. It's better to study a little bit every day, for example 15/30 minutes and maintain this habit. It will be 100% more effective.

To move to the next level in French, you need to be strategic. What are your goals in French? How to achieve them? What to implement to reach them? If you want to improve your spoken French, you know that you shouldn't spend all your time reading books in French. You need to vary your activities and be strategic based on your goals.

And to reach the level you want in French, you need to be patient. I know, you don't like to hear that, because everyone wants everything quickly and now. But it's not that simple. Sometimes, of course, you will progress quickly, then hit a plateau. And to surpass this plateau, you will have to double your efforts and especially get out of your comfort zone. But you'll need to be patient.

I know it's a challenging task and it's hard to achieve all of this on your own. That's why I've been working for a year and a half on a great program to help you elevate your French. This program is the Frenchtohèque.

Thanks to the Frenchothèque, you will finally be understood and integrated into your conversations with native French speakers.

You will finally feel confident about your French pronunciation and self-assured in making new French friends.

Imagine finally speaking French fluently without constantly searching for words!

The Frenchothèque is a library of authentic French content (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, culture, etc.) for a complete immersion in French, even if you're not yet living in France.

It's a 100% online program that will truly assist you in all aspects of French.

With the Frenchothèque, you will:

  • Get your daily dose of French to create an immersion bubble
  • Enrich your vocabulary, improve your grammar and pronunciation with authentic French in context
  • Be a part of a francophile community to support and assist you every day


The Frenchothèque is a 100% online program where you'll have access to:

  • Vocabulary lessons (daily, casual, slang, formal, professional, news, etc.)
  • Grammar lessons (direct & indirect object pronouns, "EN" pronoun, subjunctive, etc.)
  • Survival kits to assist you in communicating in every possible situation in French: at the restaurant, in transportation, shopping, making phone calls in French, etc.
  • Analysis of French series and films
  • Cultural lessons (travel journals, elements to understand francophone cultural codes)
  • and pronunciation exercises (especially with the shadowing method)


In each lesson, you'll have memorization exercises (so you never forget what you learn) with online digital tools based on a long-term memorization method.

And the major plus of the Frenchothèque, what will truly help you elevate your French, is the correction of your oral and written expressions by a certified teacher.

For most lessons, you'll be given oral or written exercises related to the lessons, and you can send them to a native and certified teacher for correction. You'll get feedback from the teacher on what you need to improve regarding grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. You'll have a clear view of your progress in French.

Thanks to the Frenchothèque, you'll finally express yourself confidently and naturally without any grammar issues in French. You'll understand everything the French say and, most importantly, be understood by the French. Imagine feeling like a fish in water in your French life! That's what you'll achieve with the Frenchothèque!

It's truly the perfect program to overcome all your difficulties in French. This program will help you practice your French regularly in a strategic manner and with a little patience, you'll see your French soar.


I invite you to try the Frenchothèque for FREE right away. You'll have access to several lessons to get a feel for whether this program is right for you. 

If you have any questions about my program, please email them to me at