I always recommend to my intermediate/advanced students to watch French content they like, enjoy, and authentic French content. This is content created by the French for the French.

Watching and listening to authentic French content should be something you absolutely include in your French routine.


Entertainment and Humor:

We start with entertaining French YouTube channels. These are YouTube channels to watch to relax and laugh. With these YouTubers, you will work on your spoken French. It's really authentic French! And you will hear a lot of slang and verlan. These are the perfect channels to better understand native French. And, they are also my favorite YouTube channels!


Squeezie is the biggest French YouTuber. He is known for his gaming videos, horror stories, reacts, and his funny and innovative concepts.



Amixem is a good dose of fun and laughter. His videos cover a variety of topics, from crazy challenges to travel vlogs and product tests. Amixem promises you good moments of relaxation and humor.


Léna Situations:

Léna is kind of like your best friend on YouTube. On her channel, she shares everything: her fashion crushes, life advice, her routines, and her vlogs. You will feel close to her through her videos full of good vibes.



Joyca promises you humor and entertainment. He will share with you his life moments, his musical delusions, and his challenges, always in a humorous and positive tone.



Popcorn is a talk show broadcast on Twitch, but you can find it on replay on YouTube. You will find debates, internet news, and societal topics.



Konbini is your pop culture rendezvous. Between Fast & Curious interviews, documentaries, and cultural analysis, you will have plenty to quench your thirst for knowledge.



Océane is a YouTuber who will make you laugh with her comedic videos. Sketches, parodies, you will not get tired of her humor and spontaneity.



Personal development:

Next, we move on to personal development channels. I really like the channels I'm going to talk to you about, because they allow you to learn more about yourself and ask questions about life.


MyBetterSelf shares her tips for a healthier, more balanced, and happier life. She also has a podcast InPower where she interviews very interesting personalities.


Fabien Ollicard:

Professional mentalist, Fabien Ollicard shares his techniques to improve your memory and productivity. With him, you will discover the mysteries of your mind.


Cyrus North:

Cyrus invites you to reflect on philosophy and society in an accessible and fun way. You will question the world around you in his company.


Ben Névert:

Ben Névert openly discusses all subjects, such as love relationships and seduction. With humor and sincerity, he tackles delicate subjects to guide you in your everyday life.




If you are interested in the news and want to follow it in French, here are the perfect YouTube channels for that:


HugoDecrypts is the go-to source for news in French on YouTube. He decodes French and international news in a clear and concise way.


Gaspard G:

Passionate about politics, Gaspard G provides you with sharp analyses on French and international political news. You will not miss any issues with him.




Personally, I love watching travel videos, even though I admit sometimes it makes me feel down because I want to be in those videos. Here are some French travel YouTube channels:

Les Marioles Trotters:

The Marioles Trotters take you on a journey in their little van. It's a real breath of fresh air following their adventures around the world.



The travel channel Peripleties immerses you in thrilling adventures all over the world. They share their experiences and best travel tips with you.


Échappées Belles :

With Beautiful Escapes, every video is a journey. From exotic destinations to breathtaking landscapes, you will discover the world through their lens.



Science and knowledge:

Are you like me, you like to do two things at once? Well, it's not really two things at once, but I like to kill two birds with one stone. For example, I think it's cool to watch a video in English, which makes me work on my English, but at the same time I learn other things. Here are the perfect French YouTube channels for that:

Jamy - Épicurieux:

On his YouTube channel Epicurious, Jamy invites you to discover science in all its forms. Between clear explanations and interesting anecdotes, you will feel smarter after each video.



Arte's YouTube channel brings all the expertise of the Franco-German channel at the click of a button. Documentaries, short films, analyses... you will find something to feed your curious mind.


EnQuête d'Histoire:

If you love history, History Inquiry is for you. This channel immerses you in significant historical events through captivating stories.


Les revues du monde :

With World Reviews, you will travel through history and geography. Each video is an adventure through time and space. You will discover the world in an exciting and informative way.