#1 Cyprien : the French star of YouTube

With 13.5 million subscribers, Cyprien is the most popular YouTuber in France! This channel is perfect if you want to learn expressions of everyday life while having fun. Cyprien offers funny, parodies and sometimes meaningful videos. I advise you to watch Cyprien's videos if you already have a good level of French.

➡️ La chaîne YouTube de Cyprien


#2 Nota bene: the historical YouTuber

If you are passionate about History with a capital H and want to improve your French, I advise you to subscribe to the Nota Bene channel. This Youtuber explains topics related to History in a clear and popularized way. If you have bad memories of your History classes, forget them right away, Nota Bene will make you love History !

➡️ La chaîne YouTube de Nota Bene


#3 LufyMakes YouUp : the Belgian beauty Youtuber

It's one of my favorite Youtube girls! Beautiful, funny with a strong character, Lufy offers a variety of videos between beauty tutorials, lifestyle videos and fun. If you like girly videos and want to learn some Belgian expressions, I recommend the LufyMakes YouUp channel.

➡️ La chaîne YouTube de LufyMakes YouUp


#4 Joueur Du Grenier : the geek YouTube channel

If you like video games of yesteryear, this YouTube channel will make you nostalgic. Fred and Seb, the protagonists of this channel, test old video games from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. With funny and relevant comments, the players in the attic point out the little flaws of the games of that time and how much the games of today are not like they used to be.

➡️ La chaîne YouTube du Joueur du Grenier


#5 Les Marioles Trotters: the adventurous Youtubers

Would you like to discover beautiful landscapes while learning French? Do you? Then the Marioles Trotters chain is for you. Since 2018, this couple has left everything behind to cross Africa in their converted van. They share their adventures, encounters, hardships and moments of joy on their YouTube channel.

➡️ La chaîne YouTube des Marioles Trotters


#6 Easy French: authentic French

The Easy French channel helps you learn French in a fun and authentic way. The protagonists of the channel interview French people in the street, both in Paris and in the rest of France. The subjects of the interviews are varied and allow you to learn a little more about French culture. The videos are subtitled in French and English. No excuse not to watch them !

➡️ La chaîne YouTube d'Easy French


#7 TheBBoost: the YouTube girl that boosts your business and your good mood

You are an entrepreneur and you want to learn French while developing your business? TheBBoost is perfect for you! Aline, entrepreneur and freelancer, passionate about her job, offers you videos and podcasts to take your business to the next level. Aline is a top coach, I encourage you to follow her channel.

➡️ La chaîne YouTube de TheBBoost


#8 Captain Popcorn: the movie-loving Youtuber

For pop culture fans, I recommend the Captain Popcorn channel. Sylvain criticizes, analyzes and theorizes about the series and films of the moment. They share his favorites on video three times a week. If you are a fan of series and films and want to improve your French, I advise you to follow Captain Popcorn.

➡️ La chaîne YouTube de Captain Popcorn


#Bonus: My YouTube channel 

I recently launched my YouTube channel where I offer tips, methods, francophone cultural facts and good humor to help you learn French effectively. Don't hesitate to come take a look at it, and why not subscribe. 😉

➡️ The YouTube channel of Ohlala French Course


These were the 8 YouTube channels to follow to improve your French while having fun. I hope you enjoyed it. 😉

Feel free to comment on these YouTubers !

See you soon for new adventures, in French of course! 🇫🇷