1. Connard / Connasse

When you use this word you are directly insulting the person, it is a rather violent word that underlines the unhealthy or inappropriate behavior of the person you are insulting.

The English equivalent would be = Asshole

For example : Ce connard a oublié son clignotant ! (This asshole forgot his blinker)


  1. Enculé

Another word to qualify someone, in general we use this insult for a man. It is not used for a woman.

Again, it is a very violent insult to another person with bad behavior.

The English equivalent would be = Fucker

For example : Quel enculé ! Il a grillé la priorité à droite ! (What a fucker ! He ran the right of way!)


  1. Putain

The famous French "putain". It is not necessarily an insult to someone, it is an expletive that can accompany an insult. It is used when one is annoyed by a situation or a behavior.

The English equivalent would be = Fuck

For example : Putain ! Il a rayé ma voiture ! (Fuck! He scratched my car!)


  1. Fils de pute (FDP)

"Fils de pute" and its abbreviation "FDP" offensively insults the person being addressed and especially his mother, who certainly did not ask to be involved in this story.  Again, an equivalent for women is not used, perhaps out of chivalry.

The English equivalent would be = Son of a bitch

For example : Fils de pute ! Vas-y sors de ta voiture, je vais t’apprendre à conduire ! (Son of a bitch! Get out of your car, I'll teach you how to drive!)


  1. Bâtard

A bastard is basically a person who was born out of wedlock, meaning that his parents were not married when he was born. Today, a bastard is someone who has a bad behavior and we have to tell him. There is a female equivalent, but we don't use it either.

The English equivalent would be = Bastard

For example :  Le bâtard, il ne s’est pas arrêté au stop ! (The bastard, he didn't stop at the stop sign!)


  1. Salaud / Salope

A bastard or a slut refers to a person with despicable and immoral behavior. This insult is particularly virulent when used for a woman.

The English equivalent would be = bastard / bitch 

For example :  Hé salope, tu la bouges ta caisse ! (Hey bitch, move your car!)


  1. Abruti(e)

A little softer, but still insulting: moron(e) which underlines how unintelligent the person is.

The English equivalent would be = Idiot

For example : Quel abruti ! Il s’est garé sur deux places. (What an idiot ! He parked in two places.)


  1. Merde

Like "putain", "merde" is an expletive and not an insult, it is used to express our displeasure with an annoying situation.

The English equivalent would be = Shit

For example : Merde ! J’ai bientôt plus d’essence ! (Shit! I'm running out of gas!)


  1. Blaireau

"Blaireau" refers to an animal and poor beast, its name is also used as an insult. A "Blaireau" is someone who is stupid and unsympathetic. In the same way, this insult is reserved for men.

The English equivalent would be = Asshole

For example : Y a un blaireau qui a cassé mon rétroviseur. (Some asshole broke my mirror.)


  1. Pauvre con / Pauvre conne

And we finish with "Pauvre con" for a boy or "Pauvre conne" for a girl. In the same way, by using this insult we underline the stupidity of the person we are insulting.

The English equivalent would be = Stupid asshole

For example : Pauvre con, tu ne sais même pas comment prendre un rond-point ? (Stupid asshole, you don't know how to take a traffic circle?)


What is your favorite French insult? Write it down in comments!