The Frenchothèque
Access exclusive content in authentic French for a complete and strategic immersion even if you are not yet living in France.
The perfect program for a 100% online French immersion!
« You study French a lot, but ... it is not enough ! »

You are always motivated to learn French!

You follow many French teacher Instagram accounts, you watch videos, you read, you follow the news, you listen to podcasts all in French, but ... it's not enough !

  • You lack specific and daily vocabulary!
  • You don't understand slang (especially verlan)!
  • You're not working on all skills, especially writing and speaking!
  • You're not satisfied with your French pronunciation and you would like to change that!
  • ...And what about making phone calls in French?

What you're doing for your French is already great! But if you want to...

  • Stop missing vocabulary in French and finally memorize it!
  • Feel integrated in France and understand Francophone culture
  • Understand what the French tell you
  • Make the least possible grammatical errors
  • Be comfortable in any situation need to be strategic!
The perfect program to progress in French in a fun and strategic way!
Thanks to the Frenchothèque, you will:
  • Understand and make yourself understood by Francophones
  • Learn new vocabulary and especially remember it
  • Understand and use informal language and slang
  • Improve your pronunciation and speak more fluidly
  • Know how to write well in French
  • Immerse yourself in Francophone culture
  • Join a great community
How does the Frenchothèque work?
Access a library of content
  • Vocabulary lessons (everyday, casual, slang, formal, professional, news, etc.)
  • Grammar lessons
  • Survival Kit (Communicating in a restaurant, in transportation, in stores, making phone calls in French, etc)
  • Deciphering of French series and movies
  • Culture (travel logs, History, cultural codes, etc)
  • Pronunciation Exercises (shadowing)
Memory Exercises (to never forget what you learn)
  • Online digital tool
  • Long term memory method
  • Fun and entertaining exercises
Correction of your oral and written expressions by a certified teacher
  • Oral and written expressions (related to the lessons corrected by a certified teacher)
  • Teacher's feedback to know what you need to improve
  • View of your progress
Test the Frenchothèque for free
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  • *Except community and teacher corrections
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The Frenchothèque"
Access exclusive content in authentic French to have a complete and strategic immersion even if you don't live in France yet.
  • Oral and written comprehension
  • Lessons + grammar and vocabulary exercises
  • Oral and written expressions corrected by a teacher
  • French culture
  • From level A2
  • Access to the Ohlala French Community
29€ par mois

I wanted to improve my French and I especially needed to get used to speaking and listening in French, but also to have grammar and vocabulary lessons. So Ohlala French Coffee is perfect for me! It has everything!

It's a complete course, there are grammar and vocabulary lessons, new written exercises every week and most importantly for me, a lot of enjoyment during the conversation every week.

It's a perfect immersion in French without going to France. The price for all of this together is unmatched and very affordable.

It's fantastic! The teacher always answers all doubts and questions in class or on the private Facebook group. This helps a lot in learning


I really like the French course from Ohlala French Course because I was able to start speaking in a short time.

The topics of the courses are always interesting and the atmosphere is conducive to speaking. Manon always helps you, she tries to understand you and you can always ask her questions. The material used for the courses is of very good quality.

In class, we work all aspects of the language: speaking, listening, reading, and grammar.

I am very happy to work with Manon, as I have achieved excellent results in a short time!

United States

I decided to join Ohlala French Coffee for the opportunity to practice 3-4 times a week.

The quality and friendliness of the students are really amazing. I enjoyed the private lessons, so I already knew that there would be good materials prepared.

I like Ohlala French Coffee for the interaction with other students and the lessons learned along the way.

It is for me like a continuation of the habits I had developed before, and an additional motivation.


Manon is the best teacher ever!

I love her method, because she creates a perfect balance between grammatical explanations and oral interaction. The study material is always clear and useful, and the topics she chooses for our conversations are very interesting.

My French has improved a lot in a short time, and I also gained self-confidence. Not only is she an excellent teacher, but she is also a lovely person.

I'm quite shy, but she managed to put me at ease all the time!

I am very satisfied with her courses and I recommend them without hesitation :)

Je ne connais pas mon niveau en français.
Vous ne connaissez pas votre niveau de français ou vous n'êtes pas sûr de votre niveau ? Je vous propose d'effectuer un test pour définir votre niveau de français. Dans tous les cas, on en rediscutera lors de la première heure de cours offerte.
Est-ce que le paiement est sécurisé ?
Le paiement est sécurisé et réalisé par l’intermédiaire de la société Mollie. Le paiement pourra s’effectuer par plusieurs modes de paiement (dont Paypal). Les informations transmises sont chiffrées par un logiciel dans les règles de l’art et ne peuvent être lues au cours du transport sur le réseau.
Sur quelle plateforme de vidéoconférence les cours se passent ?
Les cours se dérouleront sur Skype ou bien sûr Zoom. Pas de souci si vous ne savez pas comment les utiliser, je vous aiderai à vous initier à ces outils numériques.
Y a-t-il une communauté d'étudiants avec laquelle je peux me connecter ?
Oui, je tiens vraiment à avoir une communauté avec mes étudiants afin que vous échangiez entre vous. C'est un groupe d'entre-aide et bienveillant auquel vous aurez accès quand je vous donnerai cours pour la première fois.
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