The pandemic we recently experienced was a big kick in the pants, meaning that it happened quickly, suddenly and that it changed a lot of things. Everything has been called into question. And in particular, health, our health.

Today, I'm going to talk to you about the health of the French. Are the French in good health? If so, how do they stay healthy? Let's talk about it.


Are the French in good health?

Overall, the French consider themselves to be in good health...until the age of 64. From that age on, things get more complicated. Health problems are more frequent.

Remember that life expectancy in France (the average age at which men and women die) is 79 years for French men and 85 years for French women.

And let's remember that the leading causes of death in France are cancers, diseases related to the circulatory system and accidents.

The French are in good health, however, there are some inequalities. As in other countries, the richest French people live longer. While the less affluent French live less long and have more health issues.


How do the French stay healthy?

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How do the French stay healthy?

In recent years, the French have taken their health in hand. They are more and more concerned about their health and become actors of their health.

They pay more and more attention to their diet. The French are trying to eat healthier, to eat more fruits and vegetables, to eat more home-made meals, and they are trying to be more active. Many French people are also trying to manage their stress and fatigue better, because they know that it is bad for their health. They try to do relaxing activities like yoga or meditation.

Prevention is better than cure, they say to themselves! "Prevention is better than cure" is a phrase that means that it is better to be careful, to be cautious rather than to have a problem (health for example) to solve.

Well, the French are still big consumers of alcohol and tobacco, even if some of them try to stop.

We also notice, especially since the pandemic, that many French people have less confidence in medicine. The French are turning to alternative, more gentle and natural medicines. However, if it is necessary in the face of a serious or important illness, medication remains the solution considered by the French.

The vast majority of French people facing a health problem will first consult a doctor. Others will ask their friends or relatives for advice. Some will look on the Internet and practice self-medication, i.e. take medication without consulting a specialist (this is often a very bad idea). And some will ask their pharmacist for advice.

In conclusion, yes, the majority of French people are in good health. There are some inequalities, but this is specific to each country. The French remain in good health by paying more attention to their nutrition, by paying daily attention to their lifestyle.

Healthy and natural solutions are still preferred, but in the event of a more serious illness, a good horse remedy or consulting a doctor is the first reflex of the French. The French health system is one of the best, so we might as well take advantage of it!